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Gęś i Wino Restaurant

Dear Guest! You are most welcome at the Gęś i Wino Restaurant, located in the picturesque Spała Landscape Park. The word “gęś“ means in Polish a goose, and that indicated what our menu is largely based on. With no doubt whatsoever, this meat is a true prince amongst all others. Even though, it’s pretty much underestimated, it does have a very beneficial impact on our health. Yes, that’s true, it contains more calories than a chicken, we won’t deny it, but goose still towers over the chicken meat in many aspects. You will find here unsaturated fatty acids: omega-3 and omega-6 which lower the level of bad cholesterol in your blood and raise the positive one at the same time. Furthermore, the goose meat is also rich in vitamins: A, E, B, and minerals such as: magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron. So, pay a visit to our restaurant and give this promising delicacy a try, why not? It’s pure health, and tasty into the bargain!
Wine Cellar

The Hotel Wine Cellar

There’s a place at the Prezydent Hotel which takes you to the most riveting wine regions from all around the globe. Our wine cellar, small as it is, contains a whole palette of wines from all corners of the world, very inspiring, selected by true specialists. Come in, look around, you’ll surely find something to your liking. And should you be in doubt as to what suits your dinner best, we are at your full disposal, just ask the waiters for help.Karta Win


The best parties

Special events

Should you be looking for a proper place where you could organise your event (such as for instance: christening, First Holy Communion, a jubilee etc.), a place which shall astonish your Guests and charm them with the richness of delicious and beautifully served dishes, choose the Gęś i Wino Restaurant. Our Gastronomy Manager, Marzena Domagała, will help you with the details. (+48 609 301 904).

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Trailer GOOSE MENU – coming soon


Beef Tartar

onion / capers / pickled cucumber / yolk/ wheat chips

Kings prawns

butter / garlic / parsley


Sorrel Cream

mashed potatoes / fried egg

Goose Broth

wheat pancake pasta / parsley


Salad with salmon

lettuce / tomato / pepper / smoked bellies / lemon vinaigrette

Main courses

Beff tenderlion steak

chips / grenn beans / grenn pepper sauce

Goose leg confit

mashed potatoes / orange chutney / glazed cucumber

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Cibi condimentum est fames


Our Guest reviews

“Fashionable Interiors”

“The Kitchen is delicious and the service is fantastic. An additional advantage is the beautiful decor which makes it pleasent to spend time thear. Favorite dishes: tatare and steak ” 💕

Martyna K.

“Nice atmosphere

„Great atmosphere and service at the highest level. Delicios food, we will definitely  come to tatare more than once”🙂  

Łukasz K. 

“I recommend”

„Steak 💪🤗coollaughing

Goat Cheese 💪🥰🥰

Cheese Cake 🥰🤗🤗

Goose tatare💕💕

Pumpkin Soup 💕

Tomasz M.

„Good Food”

„Delicious Goose, very elegant interior beautifull presented. I recommend good food .” 💕💕

Anita M.


Don’t be shy! Ask questions if you wish!


Tel. 44 710 15 55
Our 24/7 Hotel Reception:

44 710 13 22 / mob. 601 454 969 


Spała, ul. Hubala 15,
97-215 Inowłódz

Facebook: Restauracja Gęś i Wino
Instagram: restauracjagesiwinowspale